A little about me

I love music, cars, my Siberian Husky Kiba, sports, and I am obsessed with all forms of interactive media. I love to learn, work with others, and discover new tech and trends as well as making new friendships.

I’m a people person. I love interacting with friends family and co-workers. I have had a very atypical path in life. I was born in Buenos Aries Argentina but raised in the states since I was 1. Raised in Mesa Arizona then moved to Utah when I was 13, early on growing up I knew I had a strong desire for all things creative. I am completely self taught aside from a few years in college, but actively keep up with trends and technologies.

Why I love what I do

I love to solve problems. Whether it be by design or the execution of such. I am very creative. I am results oriented. I was recently working at CHG Healthcare as its sole Web Designer for over 4 years. If you want, you can view my LinkedIn profile. One of the greatest strengths about being a designer with programming background is that not only can I handle the visual aspects of any project, but I can also fully understand the technical aspects of those same projects.

I’m an aspiring amateur photographer and creative sponge when it comes to all things that inspire me with design. To view my Resume click here.

Best way to contact me is dm via Twitter, or email.